Ecole suisse d’archéologie en Grèce

Since 1964, a Swiss archaeological project excavates and studies the remains of the ancient city of Eretria, on the island of Euboea. Known since 1975 as the Swiss School of Archaeology in Greece (ESAG), the School is the only permanent Swiss archaeological project outside Switzerland. Most of the School’s scientific activities take place on the island of Euboea but the ESAG supports also other Swiss archaeological projects in Greece, as in Attica and the Argolid. Its goal is to develop the cultural relations between Greece and Switzerland, to promote archaeological and historical projects in Greece, to protect and develop the ancient remains and to encourage the training of young archaeologists. Both a training and research center, the Swiss School enables numerous professors, scholars and students from Swiss Universities to come into close contact with the historical and archaeological past of Greece, as well as the country’s current realities.

Swiss School of Archaeology in Greece :



Excavation reports (download pdf)

Pour une étude renouvelée des drakospita eubéens
Excavation report 2020 aus AntK 64, 2021
Excavation report 2019 aus AntK 63, 2020
Excavation report 2018 aus AntK 62, 2019
Excavation report 2017 aus AntK 61, 2018
Excavation report 2016 aus AntK 60, 2017
Excavation report 2015 aus AntK 59, 2016
Excavation report 2014 aus AntK 58, 2015
Excavation report 2013 aus AntK 57, 2014
Excavation report 2012 aus AntK 56, 2013
Excavation report 2011 aus AntK 55, 2012
Excavation report 2010 aus AntK 54, 2011
Excavation report 2009 aus AntK 53, 2010

Eretria, excavation of the Gymnasium

Discovered at the end of the nineteenth century and partially excavated by the American School of Classical Studies, the gymnasium was the centre of social and intellectual life of the Hellenistic city. The restauration of the building in 2013- 2014 by the Greek Archaeological Service (with European funding) led to the completely unexpected discovery of a second building, with an identical floor plan, adjoining the gymnasium. Since 2015, the ESAG has been exploring the newly discovered building.

Amarynthos, searching for the sanctuary of Artemis Amarysia

Literary sources, inscriptions and several architectural fragments found 11 km east of Eretria indicate that the important extra-urban Eretrian sanctuary of Artemis Amarysia must be located in the vicinity. In the last years, the Swiss School has discovered an early Hellenistic stoa. The main goal for the coming years is to confirm the location and excavate the sanctuary site.

Mazi, regional survey in Attica

The Mazi Archaeological Project (MAP), a collaboration between the Ephorate of Antiquities of West Attika, Pireus, and Islands and the Swiss School of Archaeology in Greece, is a diachronic regional survey in northwest Attica. The Mazi Plain is best known for two spectacular sites: the Attic fortified deme centre of Oinoe, and the town and fortress of Eleutherai. MAP aims to address long-term questions of human occupation, human-environmental interaction, territoriality, and movement from prehistory to the present.

Mazi Archaeological Project:
Projet FNS:

Survey reports (download pdf):
Survey Report 2017 in AntK 61, 2018
Survey Report 2016 in AntK 60, 2017
Survey Report 2015 in AntK 59, 2016
Survey Report 2014 in AntK 58, 2015

Bay of Kiladha (Argolid), underwater survey and excavation

In the area of Franchthi Cave, the search for an Early Neolithic settlement, possibly one of Europe’s earliest villages, will be resumed, using the results of the 2015 offshore piston coring and geoacoustic modeling activites. At Lambayanna beach, a few hundred meters to the north, the extent, both in time and space, of the submerged Early Bronze Age town will be further explored.

Prospections à Kiladha :

Survey and excation reports (download pdf):

Survey and excavation report 2020 in AntK 64, 2021
Survey and excavation report 2019 in AntK 63, 2020
Survey and excavation report 2018 in AntK 62, 2019
Survey and excavation report 2017 in AntK 61, 2018
Survey and excavation report 2016 in AntK 60, 2017
Survey and excavation report 2015 in AntK 59, 2016
Survey and excavation report 2014 in AntK 58, 2015
Survey and excavation report 2013 in AntK 57, 2014