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The Association of Friends of Classical Art promotes interest in Classical Antiquity and makes known new research and discoveries to a general public.

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As of 1st September 2024 or by arrangement, we are looking for a new editor for the publication of our periodical ANTIKE KUNST:

Redaktorin / Redaktor (40 %)

Rédactrice / Rédacteur (40 %)

Redattrice / Redattore (40 %)

Coming Events

Collection des moulages de l’Université Vernissage de l’exposition: « Tomorrow Never Dies. Hyperréalités du Laocoon », 28. February 2024 - 15. May 2024
Les Lundis aux moulages, 4. March 2024 - 29. April 2024
Tatjana Vartanesova: Traditions of ancient ceramics in the Early Medieval and Medieval ceramics of Armenia, 18. April 2024
Dr. Alexander Heinemann: Am Beispiel Sisyphos. Zur Funktion griechischen Mythenbilder, 22. April 2024
Tatjana Vartanesova: « Ancient ceramics of Armenia based on the materials of the archaeological collection of the Museum of the History of the Yerevan State University », 25. April 2024
Annual Open Meeting of the Swiss School of Archaeology in Greece, 26. April 2024